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Support Services Kushiro

Financial Support

  • Subsidy system for organizing conventions.

International Conventions

  1. Maximum amount of 1 million yen.
  2. More than 2 countries including Japan.
  3. 10 or more foreign participants.
  4. Subsidy amount per person: 500 yen for domestic, 5,000 yen for foreign participants.

Domestic convention

  1. Maximum amount of 1 million yen.
  2. Over 50 people staying in the city.
  3. Subsidy amount of 500 yen per person.
  • Additionally, within the above limit, financial support may apply to attractions, excursions, transportation, and printing materials.


  • Coordination of pre-inspections such as arrangements to check out conference halls and accommodation facilities, etc. in advance.
  • Provision of information about MICE facility, sightseeing, and gourmet.
  • Introduction and arrangement of MICE-related businesses.
  • Proposals and introduction to attractions and after-MICE activities.
  • Cooperation for news media PR and correspondence to the mayor.

On-site support

  • Installation and rental of materials such as POP and banners to welcome participants.
  • Creating a products’ and/or tourist information booth.
  • Convention bag (against a fee).

*Please contact for further details.

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