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When Hokkaido MICE Promotion Council (hereinafter, “the Council”) collects our users’ full name, address, affiliations, email address, telephone number, as well as other information from which the individual in question can be identified, within the scope necessary for the smooth operation of the various work carried out by the Council (including the sharing of information regarding MICE, our events, organizational details, etc., through our websites and email magazines, and the gathering of feedback or requesting for materials via email and telephone, etc.), we recognize the importance of protecting our users’ personal information. As such, we have introduced the following initiatives.

1. In addition to complying with existing laws and regulations that govern personal information in the possession of the Council, we endeavor to establish a system of security management and accountability to offer appropriate protection for personal information.

2. The Council shall identify the purpose of using personal information to the extent that is possible, provide the necessary information regarding the points of contact for general enquiries, and obtain our users’ personal information only with the consent of the individual in question. In addition, we shall handle the obtained personal information in an appropriate manner and will not use it for any purposes other than those specified, unless we have obtained prior consent from the individual in question or under exceptional circumstances required by law.

3. We shall endeavor to keep the personal information we have obtained accurate and up to date within the scope of the specified purposes of use, and adopt the necessary and appropriate precautions to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage of the personal information.

4. In the event that the Council outsources operations within the scope of the specified purposes of use of the personal information to an external party, we shall ensure that the party is contractually obliged to ensure the appropriate handling of the information without any leakage or forwarding of that information. In addition, all personal information that we receive from a contracting party will be handled with the utmost care and only used within the scope of the agreement.

5. If a user wishes to disclose or modify his/her own personal information, the Council shall verify the identity of the individual in question and promptly assist with his/her request based on the law and personal information protection regulations. Please contact the department to which you have submitted your personal information.

6. The Council shall endeavor to revise our privacy policy and make constant improvements in this regard in order to handle the personal information of our users more appropriately and in accordance with newly enacted laws and internal regulations or any amendments to them.

The Council shall not be liable for the standards of handling privacy-related information or the content on websites of external organizations that are linked from the Council’s website. With regard to the content on the Council’s website, no personal information is collected when users browse our pages. While statistical analysis such as access log analysis may be carried out, the information required for this analysis does not include the personal information of our users.

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