Support Services

Support Services Sapporo

Financial Support

  • Sapporo Subsidy Program for Promoting Conventions
  • Sapporo Subsidy Program for Hybrid Conventions
  • Sapporo Subsidy Program for Convention Shuttle Buses
  • Convention Fund Loan System

*Since there are conditions for the above four items, please contact for details.


  • Introduction of venues, hotels, operating companies, PCO, etc.
  • Support for the production of invitation proposals
  • Support for accepting prior inspections
  • Promotion tools and public relations support
  • Introduction of model courses, unique venues, team building, etc.

On-site support

  • Installation of an information desk
  • Japanese culture experience program for companions
  • Carbon offset program
  • Providing original giveaways, airport welcome, attractions, etc.

*Since there are conditions for the items mentioned after original giveaways, please contact the facility for details.

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