Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) to return to Hokkaido in 2023

600 delegates, 58 countries, 2400 meetings, done! The 2021 Adventure Travel World Summit Virtual has certainly set the expectations high for Hokkaido and its adventure travel products. Mark your calendars for part 2, as we prepare for the long-awaited in-person get-together of the adventure travel community in Hokkaido in 2023.

ATWS2023|11-14 September 2023 in Hokkaido, Japan

Come and feel the fascination of Hokkaido, the island of adventure with following short videos.

 [Eastern Hokkaido] Canoeing in Kushiro and Wildlife Watching in Shiretoko  Flyfishing at the Akan River  Trekking and Mountain Biking Through Akan’s Forests Ride on a Kayak and Trek Through the Untouched Natural Beauty of Lake Shikaribetsu

[Northern Hokkaido]  Mountaineering and Camping in the Taisetsuzan Mountain Range

[Central Hokkaido] Cycling in the Toya-Usu UNESCO Global Geopark Lake Toya Trekking and Canoeing in the Shuputo River

[Southern Hokkaido]  Canoing in Onuma National Park and Trekking Around Mt Komagatake

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